About Us

The Monochromes is a blog made up of Ellen, Jaz, Kelli and Laura – four friends who met whilst working in fashion many years ago and bonded over a love of, you guessed it, black and white. Every time the girls met up for drinks, they’d each be wearing a different combination of the colours and nicknamed themselves The Monochromes. The idea for a lifestyle blog was born in mid-2014, when the girls realised the shortage of blogs that span the genres and are aimed at a young professional reader – and there was only one possible name (though others were momentarily considered!) The blog is dedicated to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture, amongst other topics and is an amalgamation of each girl’s interests and a look at their day-to-day lives.

Ellen Kelly - The Monochromes

Ellen Kelly

Originally from the sunny seaside town of Lytham St Annes, Ellen moved to Manchester six years ago to pursue a career in PR and, alongside Jazmin, is now Director and Co-Founder of Avant PR. Ellen loves a decent cocktail (a classic Clover Club is her favourite), can cook up a storm for friends and family, and owns far too many pairs of shorts to count.

Jazmin Cabrera - The Monochromes

Jazmin Cabrera

Born and raised in Manchester to Spanish and Chilean parents, Jazmin has five hard-to-spell-and-pronounce names, a soft Mancunian accent and a face that looks much younger than her 28 years. Also a Director and Co-Founder of Avant PR, one of Jazmin’s proudest moments to date was when the agency was shortlisted for two industry awards in its first year. Jazmin has had a season ticket for Manchester City since she was 12 years of age and can’t get enough of finally seeing the team enjoy some success.

Kelli Finn - The Monochromes

Kelli Finn

Hailing from a lovely fishing village known as Liverpool, Kelli is the eldest of two children with a close extended family. Kelli moved to Manchester in 2012 to pursue a career in fashion and is currently the Manager & Social Media Co-ordinator at online fashion retailer MeeMee.com. Kelli, 27, is single and actively swimming the seas to find the plenty of fish that people tell her are out there, documenting her dating life on The Monochromes, for your amusement.

Laura Milakovic - The Monochromes

Laura Milakovic

Laura hails from Staffordshire where she grew up with an elder sister, read any book she could get her hands on and developed a love for fashion. After studying Marketing with Fashion at Leeds Uni, Laura is now based in Manchester and works in advertising across clients that span her other two passions – food and travel. Laura and her boyfriend have recently moved to the suburbs of Didsbury and are enjoying exploring the foodie offerings the town is renowned for.

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